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On April 27th, the 1989 Generation Initiative, or ‘89ers’ presented visions and proposals on the future of the European Union at the European Parliament, to an audience of MEPs, think tank professionals and young Europeans. The core message: The EU should always aim to improve its citizens’ lives. Their aspirations and livelihoods should be placed… » read more

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It is fascinating to look at news reports from a year ago, because it all seems to fit so well together with today. Whether it is news on terrorism, warnings about an imminent refugee crisis or statements that Donald Trump would never ever run for president (despite him appearing at the Republican presidential rally to… » read more

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The following is largely based on Carlota Perez theory of the Great Surges of development, exposed in Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital[1]. It evidences the connection between technological change and capital markets, and suggests paths to rejuvenate the productive economy. Finance and technology The need to boost the real economy through capital markets is admitted,… » read more

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