1989 Generation Initiative


This blog is dedicated to the 1989 Generation Initiative – a pan-European movement led by the ’89er’ generation, committed to articulating a new direction for the European Union, its member states and citizens based on the exigencies of the modern world.

The Initiative comes as a response to a challenge issued by Timothy Garton Ash in the Guardian, calling on young Europeans to assume a leading role in charting Europe’s future. It seeks not only to produce proposals that are in line with an ecumenical vision for Europe, but also to implement this vision though practical projects over time.

The 89ers – European citizens born around the time of the Berlin Wall’s collapse – are the generation of for whom the European Union has always existed. The movement is comprised of graduate students and professionals from around Europe fighting for the realisation of common aims and visions.

In this EurActiv blog, the 89ers respond to current affairs with their own thoughts and proposals. Many issue areas are covered by a number of different authors from across the continent. Although the majority of articles are in English, some are also written in French or German.

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