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This is the first post in a series we call ‘snapshots’ – a short reaction from the 89ers to the latest European political developments. Written by Edoardo Ravaioli.

François Fillon’s win on Sunday was a sign: France’s political landscape is heading into uncharted territories after polls failed (yet again) to predict Nicolas Sarkozy loss over the leadership race of Les Républicains. After Brexit and Mr. Trump’s imminent move into the White House, one thing is clear: polls are no longer to be trusted. The next test of French voters will be the second run-off on November 27, where Fillon will face Alain Juppé in the bid to take over the much-criticised presidency of François Holland.

But what does this mean for France’s Presidential elections next year?

While Marine Le Pen is currently leading the polls for the presidential race, if Fillon wins the nomination, she’ll face a tough opponent who she will most likely be battling in the second round of elections on May 7.

In the meantime across the border, Angela Merkel prepares for her fourth electoral campaign as she announces her bid for next year’s General Elections. A sigh of relief for more stability in Europe, or a dangerous game that could create fertile ground for populist parties?

Join the debate with the 1989 Generation Initiative: On February 15+16th, 2017, the Initiative will be holding its next Conference at the London School of Economics. The topic “Tackling Populism: Hope over Fear” is as relevant as ever. Sign-ups open December 8th – make sure to apply and help us shape the Europe of tomorrow!

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