1989 Generation Initiative

By Dominik Kirchdorfer, Head of Expansion

The 1989 Generation Initiative is moving into its second year and tackling the very topical issue of populism. As an organisation we aim to reform the European Union and define a new mission for a new generation. This also requires our organisation to evolve and adapt over time.

The next step in fulfilling our objectives and our promise to succeed, is the establishment of regional chapters across Europe. The Initiative is based in London, but our members and teams are spread out across the continent and beyond. It is only natural for us to start expanding our operations to other places and connect with both our current members and other young people we have not yet been able to reach outside the City.

Last week we launched our first chapter in Vienna, Austria. Further chapters are preparing for their first meetings in Slovakia, Scotland and Belgium and many more will join them in the coming months and years.

At a time when populists are on the rise and a great many people in Europe no longer feel represented by their political parties, it is imperative we connect with more Europeans on the ground and foster a bottom-up process in addition to our well established procedures.

The second objective of our chapters is to spread the word about the Initiative locally and advocate for the implementation of our reform proposals. By advocating not only to European lawmakers, but also local representatives, we stand a much greater chance of being heard and actually having an impact.

By using the EU as a scapegoat for their own mistakes and grievances, national governments have enabled and legitimised populists everywhere to take control and as we can see in Britain, they have already grown powerful enough to seriously damage the Union.

National governments are actively making decisions within the European Union. Without their approval, nothing would get done in the EU. Neither the governments nor the national media make voters aware of this and it is high time somebody did and made sure governments took responsibility for their actions and communicated European decisions in the same spirit at home, as they were taken in the institutions.

We invite all European citizens, as well as their local and regional representatives and institutions to engage with us in the European policy-making process and to exert more pressure on their national parties and governments to ensure we return the sphere of politics to a state where its main goal is not re-election, but to improve people’s lives.

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