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By Dominik Kirchdorfer, Head of Expansion The 1989 Generation Initiative is moving into its second year and tackling the very topical issue of populism. As an organisation we aim to reform the European Union and define a new mission for a new generation. This also requires our organisation to evolve and adapt over time. The… » read more

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In the wake of the Big Bang enlargement of 2004, the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) was designed to keep neighbourhood countries engaged with the EU, and to avoid creating dividing lines on the continent. But ENP has thus far failed to emulate the success of the Enlargement programme, which has been regularly attributed to the… » read more

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Daily news reminds us of the terrible crisis in the Mediterranean, with people fleeing their countries in any way possible with the aim of landing somewhere safer than what used to be home. The EU reaction, rumor has it, has been slow and plain insufficient according to the majority. Somehow, we still need the picture… » read more

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